Puppy Reservation

[We're sorry - this litter has been reserved. You can still fill out the form however and we will get you on the list for next time.]

If you are looking for location specific to our area - we do broker through our breeder partnerships.  We know currently of 2 puppies that are 3 weeks old from a separate litter from our breeder partner. In all cases give us a call. Let us know if interested so we can arrange pricing/delivery.

We're so happy you're interested in adopting one of Lucy and Toby's puppies. A new litter is coming soon. Getting on the waiting list is first come first serve. Thank you in advance!!

Puppy Adoption Fees: 

  • Male: $1500 Female: $1500 (discounts for past families/multiples) 
  • AKC Partial Reg (+$100) We highly suggest AKC paperwork.  This gives verifiable proof that your puppy is a purebred from the American Kennel Club. By paying the additional $100 your dog will be registered into this database and you will be entitled to complimentary services to keep you dog healthy and happy. This will also allow you to receive a frameable AKC Registration Certificate and your dog's name recorded in the AKC Registry. The AKC has built the world's largest database of canine DNA profiles for the purposes of parentage verification and genetic identity. AKC uses DNA certification to ensure reliable registration records vital to the preservation and advancement of purebred dogs. 
  • AKC Full Registration Breeding Rights (+$100) In addition to being recorded into the AKC database your puppy will be registered to be allowed to breed and have offspring that will be eligible for AKC purebred registration. AKC registration of $100 above required for additional breeding registration - or $200 total.

Deposit required to confirm reservation. $100 today and half at 4 weeks. Final payment due at pickup.  Deposits are non-refundable, unless there are more reservations than puppies available.

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