About Southern Black Labs

We are a family that loves our two labs. Lucy and Toby live right next to each other in our kennel and are well behaved loving dogs. We are located in Fayetteville, Georgia in the greater Atlanta area.  Both Toby and Lucy are 100% pure Labrador Retrievers. Many folks ask what type of lab - and technically speaking - there is only one type of Lab - and that is Labrador Retriever. However many are curious as if they come from UK breeding lines or American - as in the UK labs were bred with thicker fur and stockier - shorter look. In this case - Lucy was bred from both half "British" and half "American". Toby is "American". You however genetically cannot tell if a Labrador retriever is American or British because genetically they are identical. 

We like to think Toby and Lucy adore their new puppy litter. We plan to have more litters in a couple of years.

Toby as a puppy at 6 months

Toby meeting his first pups.

Toby - (litter father) front view - yellow lab

Toby - (litter father - side view) - yellow lab

Lucy - (litter mother) - front view - chocolate lab

Lucy - (litter mother) - side view - chocolate lab

Toby meeting his first born black labrador retriever.

Lucy with her first litter of cute little black labs.

Why Southern Black Labs? We are not positive of Lucy and Toby's Genetic makeup - but we are assuming since they had all black pups on their first litter - they may always do so. They could be technically of any of the 1st 4 boxes below. Credit: labrador-colors